Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rather be dead: NSW Election update

Not great news in the election tonight. Even though there is little difference between the Liberal and Labor parties these days, I'd take a shitty Labor party over the fascist scum in the Liberal Party any day. However, it is a fucking landslide and the transferral of votes from Labor to the Greens hasn't been as high as expected. Bad news but I guess it means I'll have to pull out all my old anti-authoritarian punk records and get all bolshy again. There is a silver lining I guess...


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  1. Welcome to my world! It's only because the rest of our government is so utterly right wing that Barack Obama is seen as a lefty. The guy pals around with chicago mobsters and wall street bankers, and somehow I'm supposed to mistake him for a socialist? For me the only reason to keep my sanity is that my wife is a Finn, so we can eventually move to finland and escape this rot.