Tuesday, March 15, 2011

True conversations of music nerds: Miley

At pub trivia...

Trivia Host: Ok, guess the next song. It's a female singer with a song from 2009.

(20 seconds of Miley Cyrus's Party in the USA plays.)

JH: (Screaming) MAKE IT STOP!

Trivia host: (stops the music) Ok, I know it's terrible but we have to play it a little longer so everyone has a chance of guessing it.

(Music resumes until the chorus and the Trivia Host stops the song.)

Trivia Host: Sorry about that. I'm worried that one day I'll be hit by a car and someone will look at my ipod and think I like all these songs.

Trivia team mate: I think if you were hit by a car you'd have more to worry about than what's on your ipod.

JH: I actually think that's a legitimate concern.



  1. Augh. I don't think I am familiar with Miley's work (fortunately).

    I have that same concern about being in a car accident and the rescuers seeing/hearing that I was listening to WSFM at the time.

    x K

    (Greetings from NY btw!)

  2. Greetings traveller, I'd hate for someone to find all my Destiny's Child albums on my ipod. Actually, I'm not ashamed of that at all - they're awesome. Hope all is well in NY and I guess you get to see Godspeed soon. By the way, did I mention you suck? Nah, I don't mean it... much. Anyhow, I need a full report back on the GYBE merch table - vinyl? revolutionary zines? tea towels? (please let it be tea towels...)

  3. Oh I hope so!
    Godspeed The Tea Towel: For All Your Post-Apocalyptic Drying Needs.
    If they have it, it will arrive in the post for you, mark my words.

    It's tonight actually. Their epicness combined with my jetlag should make for an interesting combination. Will send gig report imminently.

    x K

  4. i wouldn't be surprised if they have tea towels....i got a grinderman tea towel at their london show last year, and I'm doing a screen printing workshop (on tea towels) soon. I think some kind of tea towel movement may be emerging.
    But back to the you're-dead-on-the-road-and-people-are-checking-out-your-ipod-songs-conundrum - my advice, make a playlist for your funeral NOW. Don't wait for some alleged friend to do it after you die, and play ALL the wrong songs. You should also line up an MC so it's a coordinated effort that will ensure even in death you are remembered with the appropriate and corresponding soundtrack that you would be proud of - ie your own.
    Number one track for me? No guesses Jon. Sweeeeeet Emooootion....

  5. Katie - so jealous. Have fun and don't forget my tea towel.

    Claire - You're right - you can't trust your friends when it comes to music - some arsehole will end up playing Pearl Jam or some shit at my funeral because I liked them in 1991. I'll be working on my funeral playlist immediately.