Thursday, March 10, 2011

The National went too far

A while back I wrote a long love letter to the National's High Violet. Katie commented something along the lines that she couldn't wrap her mind around the song Conversation 16 because of it's chorus which is:

I was afraid I'd eat your brains (x2)
because I'm evil

I said I thought it was funny but Katie argued that no indie band based in Brooklyn should have a sense of humour. I thought that was a bit rough but Katie was right. The National have released a funny new video for Conversation 16 featuring Kristen Schaal (Mel from Conchords!) and John Slattery (Roger Sterling from Mad Men). Except it's not funny. The technical term for this video is clusterfuck of awful. Go back to being brooding, no one wants to see this...

The National



  1. "Clusterfuck of Awful" indeed. As my friend Adam pointed noted - what a waste of talent (Schaal + Slattery, not to mention the guy from "Henry Fool" who plays the other love interest).

    I think I said no Indie band from Brooklyn has a sense of humour (that I know of) not that they shouldn't. And because they aren't funny, they can't pull off humorous lyrics so well. That said, M. Ward was pretty funny and dry. But wait... no, he's from Portland Oregon. Damn.

    They're great musicians, they're just not funny. As proven by that other clip - was it "Terrible Love" where they're all "mucking around"?

    C'mon Nash. Stop taking us down to Cringe Town.


  2. Hey Katie, my apologies if I misquoted you. I was listening to High Violet last night and the disconnect between such beautiful music and the image they present is staggering. Some bands routinely make bad videos but whoever was in charge of this needs to be fired... or shot... or fired and then shot. Just terrible.

  3. You said it, JH.

    We have to resist the temptation to click on Nash video links from here on I think, lest it taint the music...