Sunday, May 29, 2011

Explain it to me: Battles

I have a number of friends who love Battles and on paper I should like them too. Crazy rock moves with John Stanier on drums - what's not to love? I adore John Stanier as I've seen him play with Helmet, Mark of Cain and Tomahawk and I'm always blown away by how mighty he sounds while playing like an automated powerhouse (with bonus swing). So why is it everytime I listen to Battles I either go meh or actively dislike it?

I've listened to that new song a few times and it's just ok. Looking at the video above, it's obvious there's a sense of humour to this but the funny vocals and go nowhere songs just leave me cold. Atlas? Please. Tonto? Yawn. No doubt they're all fine musicians but what am I missing? Do you have to see them live to get it or am I just a moron? Can someone explain it to me please?

And Battles, for the record, you guys wear your bass and guitar way too high - not cool.


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