Wednesday, May 18, 2011

On James Blunt

Everyone I know hates James Blunt and as he is currently touring Australia, the country seems awash with his MOR schlock. Goodbye My Lover was only beautiful when Bryn sung it on Gavin and Stacey. I figure they probably played that You're Beautiful song at the Royal Wedding reception as Kate Middleton seems like a James Blunt kind of girl. But there is one thing that has always stuck with me about Mr Blunt after seeing him interviewed by Andrew Denton in 2006 - he is a stone cold killer. Before becoming that crooner your mum likes, Blunt was a NATO Peacekeeper in Kosovo and as he recounts in the interview:

ANDREW DENTON: If you had to, were you prepared to kill?

JAMES BLUNT: I was a reconnaissance officer during the bombing campaign and very much involved during that phase of the bombing campaign. I think there are moments in one's life where it's very clear what you should be doing. We went to a place where there were soldiers who were murdering people. We went and reasoned with them and said, "Stop murdering these people," and they carried on murdering them. Eventually you say to them, "If you murder them, we'll use force," and they continued to murder them, and at that stage the power of reason has gone and so you have to carry out your threats.

So when you think about criticising James Blunt in the future, just remember, he can fuck you up.


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  1. I read the transcript for this interview yesterday. It portrays a capable yet humble man. As you say, more than most assume they know about Blunt.
    -yes, this is an old blog post, but oh well.