Sunday, May 1, 2011


Over at Pitchfork, there is some speculation that Fugazi may one day reunite to bring their singular brand of sonic awesomeness to the masses. Well, I think it's a very remote possibility when Ian MacKaye says,

"It is entirely possible that we will play again, and it's also possible that we won't. We have the desire to play, but there's a geographical issue. Joe [Lally, bassist] currently lives in Rome, and that makes it hard to practice. There's also a time issue. Everyone is super busy. You've got to remember that when Fugazi was actually working we usually practiced five days a week from four to six hours a day." (This was taken from a great interview with Mackaye on Approaching Oblivion).

He goes onto say "we would only play music together if we wanted to play music together and the time allowed it." If the will to play was there, I imagine the only thing I think going in our favour for a Fugazi return is that the righteous burn of their politics might be spurned into action given recent events both in the US and worldwide. I can't point fingers at US politics being anymore crazy than the Australian brand which has its own unique racism, hardline conservative ideologies and crazy people but Donald Trump, what the fuck was that about? Oh right. Anyhow, if there is any positive by-product of all this crazy political shit going on, please let it be a Fugazi reunion.



  1. Having been in a fistfight with Ian, and having been outright condemned as a human being by dischord house, as a whole, I might not be the best qualified, here- but honestly? I'd rather not see Fugazi come back.
    Bear with me- it's not as harsh as that might seem
    One of my all-time favorite Hardcore bands was Articles of Faith. Main man Vic Bondi is mercurial, and abrasive which makes for a great Hardcore front man, but a lousy bandmate. So, reunions never work out, because the band broke up for a reason. Does that mean that the various members close up shop? Of course not, and because Articles of Faith broke up, I got to hear some killer bands that Vic fronted later, like Alloy and Report Suspicious Activity.
    Likewise, though Ian is still not my favorite person in the world, I'd much prefer to see some new expressions out of the guy rather than Fugazi part deux. Yes, even I will admit that Fugazi had their moments, but- can you imagine if Ian decided to work with, say Al Jourgensen and King Buzzo to do some kind of Sludge metal/industrial hybrid, or if St Bob Mould got into a project with Lally and Piciotto and Janney from GVSB? See what I'm getting at? I'd much prefer to see Something like Report Suspicious Activity ( Which was Vic Bondi, J Robbins, and members of Kerosene 454. Sounded like Alloy meets Jawbox) which spoke to the Bush Administration, as opposed to retreading on the Reagan admin. Fugazi had their moment, and it would be pathetic, to me, anyway, to see them try to extend that moment.

  2. Oh and make no mistake- American politics, right now are utterly insane. I'm actively campaigning with my family to get out while we can. There's a possibility of moving to Finland, and if the economics of it ever work out, hell yes I'd prefer to live there, for the time being.

  3. Matt, I think we'll have to have a beer one day and talk all this through. That's a fair call on Fugazi (as with any band reforming) but as a mindless fanboy who only got to see them once (on the Red Medicine tour) I'd love to see them again. It's purely selfish and nothing more. As an outsider, I love lot's of stuff on Dischord but some of their ideology seems a tad dogmatic but being an ardent leftie I can understand that. There was a long period of my life where I was unrelenting ideologue (I have softened with age). However, I figure if you've been in a fight with MacKaye I can totally understand why you'd say fuck that.

    That being said, one things I've always liked about Bob Mould was that he never looked back and always said a Hüsker Dü reunion would never happen - leave it alone, it was perfect as it was (oh, and I hate everyone in the band). Like you, I like to see the cross pollination of great bands into new entities and remember having long discussions about who my punk version of the Travelling Wilburys would be. I haven't heard Report Suspicious Activity - I'm going to have to track them down.

    I'm a news junkie and everyday I read stuff coming out of the US which seems totally bonkers. I wasn't sure if it was just reporting the extremes but I'd say Finland - make it happen. BTW happy birthday for the other day.

  4. The fight with Ian? Mostly just over a combination of youth and idiocy. The deal was that I was working sound at the Olympic Auditorium, and he and several friends were being aggro with each other right where my equipment was. I can't remember the exact words exchanged, but the bottom line was he thought I was older than I was (I'm younger than him) and was sticking up for "the kids", whereas I was the evil authority figure. Met him again, years later, in Tucson, where again, I was sound man for the club. His insistence on a five dollar show meant that I didn't get paid. Again, score one for "the kids". The Dischord house deal was over my refusal to accept veganism. So, do I find him and his crew to be pricks? Absolutely. Bunch of rich kids who never had to work, and their hangers-on. Never give a real thought to working slobs, but they're all about the cause. However, was I a hardcore Trotskyite until I was about 24? You betcha. I understand ideology, and hey, you know? I never really did repent being a commie. I've gone more reformist in my old age, but I'm still left of the left in this country, even if I'd fit in with European Social democrats. However what I loathe about certain lefties, and this would be the dischord folks in a big way- those that want to play "vangaurd" and tell working class folks how to think because they've managed to complete reading a book or two. Ever heard of Dillinger Four? They've got a song about something very similar:
    Anyway- I don't hate the guy, and have run into him many times. He's a much better person on his own, when he's not trying to be a member of the cultural elite. So, yes, there is an element of not wanting to see a return of that stridency, and arrogance. Heard his stuff with the Evens? Much more human, if you ask me. But, the main thrust of my belief is- well, to use the St Bob example- would you prefer a return of Warehouse-era Huskers, where they were pulling against each other, or would you prefer a return of Beaster-Era Sugar, where the band gels as a band? See, given what the members of Fugazi are up to, these days, I can't see those visions coming together in amy meaningful way. The band really did break up for a reason. Likewise, I would love to see Eric Avery mend fences with Jane's Addiction, but with the directions everybody's gone in, I can't really see it becoming the pre-lollapalooza band that I loved. An Australian example- I'm a Radio Birdman fanatic, but i've gotta admit that Zeno Beach was the sound of a band that just couldn't reconcile. The album's not bad, but i'd just as soon listen to Radios Appear twice, than another Zeno Beach, you know?

    Anyway, I've blathered on forever, here: thanks for the kind thoughts. I really will end up in Finland if it's possible. the main argument against it is economic: both the wife and I have really rather well paying jobs, at the moment. It's hard to say that we'll have a better economic situation in Finland. And you're on in regards to the Beer- next time you're in DC, or I'm in where? Australia (meaning whichever city in Australia that you currently reside) we'll have to see if Dutchmen can outdrink Australians....

  5. I'm sure you'll be able to drink me under the table, I'm quite a lightweight these days. I'm in Sydney at the moment but about to head off for a six month trip through Asia and Europe. Might not quite get to Finland but will be going through Norway definitely. Wherever it is, first rounds on me. However, I think you're being far too kind on that Zeno Beach record though.

    Rich kids and the left? Where to begin... Actually, it's best I don't but I hear you on that. Trustfund kiddies talking about the nobility of the working class can go fuck themselves. Tell that to my Dad who needed two hip replacements at the age of 60 after 45 years of manual labor. I think I know what he'd say...