Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Josh Homme remixing Grinderman = HOT!

There are some things which are just hot – the cast of True Blood, Jimmy Page’s guitar tone, Satan’s after party venue etc. You can add another thing to that list of hotness – Josh Homme remixing Grinderman’ s Mickey Mouse and The Goodbye Man. Did I get a little weepy when I read that combination? Yes I did. Did I get a little aroused listening to it? Yes I did.

The thing that works for this track is that Homme tends to deconstruct rather than build up when he is remixing (check out his meditative remix of DFA 1979's Black History Month). The first section is just a ticking clock and Cave’s crazed vocals telling a tale of possible incest. Even when the band kicks in, Homme has pared back the instrumentation to its bare bones making it sound somewhere between a psychedelic rampage and the Cramps white knuckled rock n’ roll.

The other thing that Homme always does is make sounds that lend themselves to visuals (if you’ve never heard Spinning in the Daffodils by Them Crooked Vultures, have a listen and tell me he wasn’t watching Inglorious Basterds when he wrote it). Listening to this song, I was reminded of the graveyard acid freak out scene in Easyrider. Maybe that’s just my imagination but that’s where I found my thoughts. Now I think of it, I often find myself thinking about that scene - I really need to watch that movie again.

Sadly there is no embed for this but it can be listened to here and the original is above. Hot.


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