Sunday, May 22, 2011

Revisiting Band of Horses - Infinite Arms

I was quite big fan of the first two Band of Horses records even though this was met with some derision from my punk friends - "Band of fuckin' ponies more like." However, I was quite disappointed at the release of their third record Infinite Arms. I knew they had gone through some line up changes and while the sound is similar, the expansive scope of the music seemed somewhat diminished. While their lyrics would never give Dylan a run for his money, there was always a unstated lovely romantic quality to their work. Infinite Arms didn't have this, it seemed like a watered down imitation of the previous records but with no substance, hooks or joy to be had.

The one song that broke through this was the single Factory - a lilting pop song that would, as my girlfriend pointed out, be perfect for a compilation. Listening to the album again this morning, one after its release it actually seems to have gotten worse with age. There is no bite, no emotion and the whole thing is a just meanders from unmemorable track to the next. I'm not quite sure what it is but I think the horse/pony comparison is probably the most appropriate comparison I can make. The horses have bolted and all that's left are my niece's my little ponies. Disappointing.


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