Saturday, May 21, 2011


So apparently the world will end at 6pm today which is good to know because I really didn't want to go shopping in the city if I could help it. The last thing I want to be doing on my last day on Earth is shopping for new underwear. If it does happen, I'll be a bit pissed as I'm going on holidays in a few weeks but whatever. Frankly, I'll be more impressed if fire and brimstone rains from the sky as earthquakes strike each city at 6pm in each individual time zone (very orderly).

Anyhow, however you are going to enjoy the end of the world with, remember to pick good music. Here's a link to my end of the world playlist post for old time's sake. It's been swell and if I survive, anyone up for some post-Rapture looting is more than welcome to join me.


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  1. See, I just went with 1 record, and it's the new Jesu. Why? Because, well, think about Hurley's Discman on Lost. He just had whatever music he had in the thing until the battery died. He wouldn't have his PC full of old downloads, nor his cassette collection, nor his CD library, nor his collection of rare hungarian 7 inch singles. Nope, he's just got whatever went on the plane with him. So, I just got the new Jesu. It just so happens that it fits a post apocalypse scenario perfectly, and it fits the "hurley's Discman" criteria...