Saturday, May 14, 2011

Undiscovered continents

Two exciting discoveries today. I went to visit a friend with links deep within the dark heart of the music industry and they had a copy of the new Gillian Welch album which I listened to once during the visit. The Harvest and The Harrow is it's name (the internet already knows this) and it sounds pretty fantastic. It's safe to say Welch and Rawlings haven't gone electro-clash and the album sounds similar to the previous records. On first listen though, the songs sound stronger than on Soul Journey and I think this may be a possible contender for album of the year. No I don't have a copy. No I won't upload it even if I did.

The second discovery was I finally got around to listening to the last Wire album Red Barked Tree. I'd listened to it once when it came out and liked it but never really got back to it. Listening to it today was a revelation. The album sounds like a descendant of the more commercial 154 sound and it is great. The band sound more refined and relaxed than on their other reunion records but listening to the lyrics they are still as angry as ever. "They clip their speech, they clip your wings" and "Please take your knife out of my back," are just a couple of examples. Best songs for me are Please Take, Bad Worn Thing and Two Minutes. They're playing with the vigour of a band half their age and it just fucking rocks. Nice one lads.


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