Monday, May 23, 2011

Why have I never heard of this band?

Why have I never heard of this band? Who is in charge here? I need to hear them immediately.



  1. OK, I guess I can see missing out on Truckfighters. But, please tell me you've heard bands like Red Fang,Dozer, Garcia, Glasspack, Torche,Floor,Skin Yard, Kylesa, Fudge Tunnel,Zed, Tona, Hermano, and Monster Magnet ,as well as labels like Gearhead records, and Man's Ruin Records. Seriously, the Stoner/Sludge metal scene has been completely where the best hard rock/metal has been since about the mid 1990's, when it came out of the industrial metal underground (listen to Earache records from about 1988-1996, or bands like Facepuller, and tell me you can't hear where it comes from)

  2. Yeah, I've heard some of those bands (I'll check the others out) and know those labels. I spent a lot of time investigating that stuff a few years back but never heard anything that topped Kyuss for me. Not sure if that's because they were the best or just because they're so embedded in my psyche. I have no idea how I missed truck fighters but I'm keen. The clips I've heard on YouTube sound sweet and sludgy. I know what you're saying about the Earache influence - it seems like a million years ago since I listened to that stuff though.

  3. Agreed that Kyuss were the best of genre. However, bands like Torche and Kylesa are taking things in very interesting directions. Neither has released their "Blues for the Red Sun", just yet, but Torche on Meanderthal and Kylesa on Spiral Shadow have each at least released their "Sky Valley" equivalent (that is- really excellent, if a little bit self-indulgent)