Monday, June 20, 2011

Pitchfork gives Bon Iver 9.5

If ever there was a test, this was it. If ever there was a shark to be jumped, this was it. Un-fucking-believable.


  1. Oh for f-cks! I wonder if it's the same reviewer who gave Kanye 10? I think it's time to remove them from my bookmark toolbar.


  2. Ok I just listened to the whole album again and I don't hate 'Holocene". In fact I like it. I feel like I am watching a montage from an early John Cusack film while I listen to it. Unfortunately, that's about it. As soon as I finished the album I pretty much forgot that I'd just heard it.

    Over and out.

  3. Compensation for the low score they gave Emma. Simple as that

  4. Nah, Bon Iver curates the Pitchfork festival might have something to do with it. Too cynical?