Sunday, June 26, 2011

A song a day: Screamfeeder - Hi Cs

Screamfeeder started as the Madmen in Townsville in the late 80's. I knew a lot of people who knew them but they had headed to Brisbane to become Screamfeeder by the time I moved there in '92. So whenever I heard about Screamfeeder there was this certain reverence because they were a) local boys/girl done good and b) local boys/girl who got out (although technically I think the girl, Kellie Lloyd, joined the band in Brisbane). Townsville is a funny town in the deep north of Queensland, it 's very transient where people come for a while and then move on. I only knew a few people who had actually grown up there and most of them left. There are a few poor souls trapped there forever, damned to years of eternal hot summers where people go mad and become alcoholics. Anyhow, Screamfeeder are perfect exemplers of 90's Australian indie rock. In fact, I would go so far as to say that in an alternate universe their Singles compilation would be actually called No 1's because there are so many great songs that should have been number 1 hits. While they have better tunes (seek out Bunny), Hi Cs is one of their poppier numbers which always sounded so great live that I thought it could be my song for the day. Seek them out if you like your power pop powerful.

(Fun fact: My ex-girlfriend lived around the corner from the 7-11 in this video. We have not spoken in 16 years - good times).


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