Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A song a day: The Ghost Of A Thousand - Moved As Mountains, Dreamt Of By Sea

I bought this album based on it's cover without hearing a single lick of music. On the cover it looks like a post-rock band and with the title of this song, you'd think 'yep, post-rock.' To my surprise and delight, it's an excellent hardcore band from the UK and this song (along with Bright Lights) are a kick in the pants that only punk can give you when you're in the mood. I'm not sure if there's a movement in the UK at the moment (with Gallows etc...) but this stuff sounds pretty great to my ears. Some of it is reminiscent of Refused but without all the weird digressions that interrupted their records. There is nothing new here if you're a punk fan but this song and their entire album is great fun.


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