Thursday, June 9, 2011

A song a day: Yeah Yeah Yeahs – 10 x 10

Remember the first time you heard Date With The Night? A chainsaw of a guitar riff with vampy female vocals over the top – it sounds every bit as irresistible today as it no doubt did the second it was written. 10 x 10 is the last track off the astonishingly great Is Is ep, and is cut from the same cloth as Date. Instantly memorable riff, pounding drums and a vocal melody as catchy as a thousand baited fish hooks. A lot of people drifted from the YYY’s when they went disco on their last record (a mistake – that album is a real grower) but if you need a reminder of what made them great, listen to this. In particular Zinner drives the song with some blustery yet simple riffing punches you in the face but leaves no bruises – the perfect assault, just ask the cop with the phone book.


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