Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A song a day: Jawbox - Excandescent

Far from their Dischord roots, Jawbox's 1996 self titled final album was filled with their most commercial sounding music to date. It is ironic that they got vaguely well known for a really shitty cover of Cornflake Girl because they are a band with some remarkable tunes. Excandescent is probably one of their poppier numbers that a lot of people don't care for but it is a song that I return to again and again. Good shuffling riff, good singing, good chorus, good everything until 3:11. At 3:11, the band launches into this fifteen second break down which is so low down and brutal that it transforms the song from merely good into something magical. I know Jawbox have better songs but I don't think I listen to them anywhere as much as I listen to Excandescent.


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