Thursday, June 16, 2011

A song a day: Sugababes – Stronger

The Sugababes have produced more pop hits that I have liked than I care to admit. They came to my attention with their first hit Overload and really captured my heart with the (Gary Numan) Cars cribbing Freak Like Me. All I can say is that they just appealed to my love of pure pop girl bands (yeah, I like Destiny’s Child too – wanna fight?). Stronger is one of those classic female empowerment songs, a low key I Will Survive whose key lyric is essentially ‘fuck you buddy, I’m stronger without you,’ Sure it helps that they’re all a bit cute but the reality is that the low key strings and bass of the music plays to the strengths of their voices which have real emotion over the autotuned automatons of many female pop groups. A manufactured girl pop band that has soul? A rare thing indeed.


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