Friday, June 24, 2011

A song a day: Azure Ray - Sleep

What did MOR bands do before Grey's Anatomy? Surely there isn't a huge market for music that fits perfectly into a scene of two doctors looking at each all doey eyed across someone's bleeding body on the operating table. Before Grey's, did Snow Patrol fans just stand and watch the band while weeping silently to themselves? I'm sad to say that Azure Ray fit perfectly into the category 'music that could appear in the background of a TV show'. Who knows, they probably already have but I'm too lazy to google it. Azure Ray are a duo whose trade is wistful music for the heart broken. That being said, I must be a sap because I fell in love with the song Sleep many years ago and still listen to it often. With haunting harmonies, this is perfect late night or break up music. I'm sure one day I'll flick channels on TV to a scene showing McDreamy looking wistful while this song plays in the background. I guess that's ok because it is genuinely beautiful.


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